Alpine skiing

With our digital guides

Wide digital guidance zone downhill

Digital guidance in the ski slopes may sound impossible to many but it’s actually one of the easier activities to design digital paths for. A ski slope is usually very wide in comparison to a running track and the digital path to follow can be for example a 10 meters wide zone that the user can zig zag within.

However, since the speeds can get dangerous and there are usually more skiers in the slope, the user needs to know how to ski and beware of eventual obstacles while controlling his/her speed. For this reason we recommend having a companion that can oversee everything and of course the user should wear protective equipment, such as a helmet and visible clothing.

Alpine skiing with digital guides for blind skiers

Narrow digital path up the lift

We have at several occasions let visually impaired skiers try our digital guidance system, for example once with Oliwer Rönning and also with a group of people at the World Cup camp in Östersund in January 2023. At these occasions we designed a wide digital path down the slope and then a narrow path to the lift. At the lift there was an instruction to ask for help, then a narrow path up the anchor lift. When approaching the top there were alerts counting down the meters to the top and then instructions with a narrow path to reach the slope again.
Digital path for visually impaired skiers recorded from gps

Watch Visually impaired users

In media

Alpine skiing with digital guide for blind
Fredrik Widén and Maria Wåglund, who are visually impaired, are interviewed by "Synpodden" while skiing with our audio-based digital guidance system.
blind downhill skier with digital guide gps for visual impaired
blind person skiing with digital guide gps module on helmet
Alpine skiing with digital guide for visually impaired