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Running and walking is the most popular activity with our digital guides and it’s the form of use that we recommend the most. With the digital guide, a visually impaired person can go to and explore new areas that the person is not familiar with. The speeds of running are also not very high and it fairly easy to bring a guide dog or other aids, such as a cane, to avoid potential obstacles.

Blind Johan Pettersson runs without companion through digitl guidance

Digital guide at your sports grounds

A very practical way for many athletes to use our digital guidance system is to have one at a sports ground with recorded paths for warm-up, running 400 m, long jump etc. In this way, visually impaired athletes can easily run on their own when it suits them, and many people can share the same system. The last year we have sold several guidance systems to athletics clubs in Sweden and delivered them with designed digital paths around their facilities. Since our systems do not demand any physical installation at the stadium, they have proven very practical at the sports ground, as they do not disturb other arrangements and activities. With a digital guide, visually impaired runners can more naturally blend in with the other runners and nobody must interrupt their training to guide the blind person. In this way we believe that the digital guide simplifies the inclusion of people with visual impairment at the sporting grounds and that it gives more people the opportunity to be part of a community. Exercise and training are important for the wellbeing of everybody but for visually impaired, it can often be complicated to exercise whenever they want. However, a digital guide that is ready to be used at a sporting ground, lowers this threshold substantially.

With custom designed paths

Sports ground with digital guide paths for visually impaired athletes

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Zebastian Modin testar Nordic Evolution digital ledsagare för blinda

Our digital guidance system is used for running by Zebastian Modin. Zebastian is a Swedish para-athlete who has won several medals in paralympics and the world cup in cross country skiing and biathlon.

26 km of running without a human guide, what a thing!

The digital guide Nordic Evolution provides guidance based on GPS points with centimetre precision. You run in a sound corridor where the sound changes depending on your position in the bandwidth. A track is measured much like a segment in Strava, and it is possible to enter commands that give warnings of changes in the terrain.

Today I ran eight laps on a 3.3 km loop. A nice gravel road, with a good gradient and no traffic, just pure quality of life!

Zebastian Modin
Jönköping municipality Nordic Evolution customer

Our digital guidance system is used for running at Råslätts IP

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