snow depth measurement through our digital guide system

Product news!

Now you can use Nordic Evolution’s digital guide to measure the snow depth, for example along your association’s cross-country ski trails. Our guide module measures its position digitally through a 3-dimensional GPS-based coordinate system.

Our guide module as a snow Gauge

Our guide module for digital guidance now indicates differences in height and can therefore also be used to measure snow depth. The guide module measures its position in 3 dimensions and allows you to follow “recorded paths” and measure the difference between different positions. For snow depth measurement, the guide module is first moved over the area/track without snow, and then, when the guide module is moved over the snow-covered ground, the system indicates the difference in level to the bare ground by sound signals, at 10 centimetre intervals.

A very useful product for a sports club that depends on snow and also wants to support its members with visual impairments. Optimize snow depth, save energy and extend the season!
Device for digital snow depth measurement
The antenna to our guide module is attached on a snow mobile, measuring the number of decimeters of snow below the vehicle.

snow depth measurement and digital guidance for blind skiers

Kimstad Ski Centre is an association that uses Nordic Evolution’s guidance module for both snow depth measurement and to guide their blind skiers along the ski trail.

The association outside Norrköping has a 2 km long cross-country skiing track on which they usually lay artificial snow. Before the start of the season, they mounted the Nordic Evolution guide module on a snow vehicle and drove along the track in the forest. In this way, they “recorded” a zero value along the trail that is stored in a 3-dimensional coordinate system. Then, when they spray artificial snow on the track, they can drive the snow vehicle on the snow and know how many decimetres of snow they have underneath them by sound signals.

Digital snödjupsmätning
Useful for knowing how thick the snow layer is when laying artificial snow in a ski slope or along a cross-country ski trail.

Digital guidance for visually impaired athletes

Nordic Evolution offers an audio-based guidance system that enables visually impaired people to follow digitally designed paths outdoors and move around without a guide. The audio signals make it easy to stay centered while following a digital path along a trail, a ski track, a running track, etc. In our software, in addition to setting sideways guidance, you can also set other guidance along the way: warnings, distance markers, information about slopes or other places of interest.

Digital guide module for visually impaired and snow depth measurement