We arrange camps and events with digital guidance

For visually impaired people

Come try out digital guidance with us!

We customize activities for you

Would you like to try out digital guidance in a specific activity or maybe try out a whole set of activities for a few days? We organise one-day events and multi-day camps where visually impaired people can try our system in the activity of choice. Kayaking, hiking in the mountains, skating on a lake or cross-country skiing/alpine skiing in the north, it’s up to you!

Over the past year we have been invited to various events in Sweden where we have demonstrated our system to the visually impaired. Now we offer you to book us for events in more natural settings, where we can arrange activities to suit your needs!

Let us know how you would like to try out our digital guidance system!

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Examples of activities

Follow the links below to explore how you can use our digital guidance system in various ways

Long jump



Walking in the city



Examples of past events

Camp with Parasport Sweden

19–22 January 2023, Östersund

In connection with the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships 2023 Östersund, we invited 11 skiers with visually impairment to an exciting camp weekend. The camp was a cooperation with Parasport Sweden and Parasport Jämtland-Härjedalen where Parasport Sweden covered the expenses for travel, board and lodging. The camp included testing of our digital guide at skiing, both downhill and cross-country, running on a treadmill, workshop with Parasport Sweden as well as visits to the opening ceremony and competitions of the World Championships. The main leader was Ida Östlund from the Swedish Guide Dog Association. Read more at Mid Sweden University.

Free camp for visually impaired skiers in Östersund
Visually impaired runing and navigating with digital guides on treadmill
Visually impaired with digital guides at alpine skiing

Hiking trip with Ida Östlund

12 September 2022, Kläppen

In September 2022, Swedish guide dog handler Ida Östlund organized a hiking trip in Jämtland, Sweden, with 8 visually impaired participants and their guide dogs. One day, Jonas Danvind from Nordic Evolution joined the excursion and let Ida try being guided by our digital guide system instead. Jonas laid out digital paths on different terrain where Ida walked and ran, uphill and downhill, on dirt roads and on unpaved terrain, where she used a couple of walking sticks to feel her surroundings.

Hiking trip for visually impaired people with guide dogs

Running Camp at Almåsa Havshotell

30 July 2022, Västerhaninge

At this 2-day camp, runners with visual impairment could enjoy being trained and coached individiually by well-known running technique specialist Fredrik Zillén. With a team of guides, the event featured seminars as well as alot of running and one of the days, the participants could also test our digital guide systems.

Blind child testing digital guidance with the Nordic Evolution GPS system
blind person skiing with digital guide gps module on helmet
Den blinde motionären Johan Pettersson testade digital ledsagning på löparbana genom Nordic Evolutions GPS-baserade digitala ledsagare.