indoor development projects

With our digital guides

We are open for your Indoor projects

Not only for outdoor activities

Our GPS based digital guidance system is typically used for outdoor activities. However, we can and we are open for custom development projects where we take our high precision 3D positioning and localisation measurement indoors.

High precision GPS for indoors guidance of blind people

DEvelopment for research

The wind tunnel at Sports Tech Research Centre

Late 2022 we finished a joint development venture with Mid Sweden University, for the use of our digital guides in their Sports Tech Research Centre wind tunnel. The wind tunnel houses one of the largest treadmills in the world (5x3m), an enormous fan and advanced climate function, which allows for groundbreaking research and product testing in a realistic environment. Read more at Mid Sweden University.

Our project now enables visually impaired people to stay in position while running on the treadmill, for studies of running techniques, testing of materials and products, measuring maximal oxygen consumption and much more.