Cross-country skiing

With our digital guides

In classic cross-country skiing where you feel and follow a physical track, you are less dependent on the digital guide for instant navigation than if you skate ski. However, in case you get off the track, the system will guide you back to the digital path again. Independent of ski style, it is very useful to get information about what happens soon ahead. For example, a right turn in 10 meters, an incline starts or alerts for extra caution because of a bad or difficult section of the track. In our computer interface, the users can set up all kinds of instructions that are beneficial along the ski track.

Cross-country skiing usually considered a little more dangerous sport than running for the use of digital guidance. The speeds can get higher, it takes longer to stop, and safety is very dependent on the level of the user’s skiing skills. It’s first when the user exhibits an advanced skiing technique, that the digital guidance system can be used freely. We usually recommend visually impaired skiers to be accompanied with a person who can intervene if an obstacle appears or if any other problem arises. This is for example the case at the ski race Kimstadloppet, where our customer Kimstad GoIF supplies digital guide systems as well as companions to the contestants.

Visually impaired athlete skiing cross country with digital guide system

Watch interviews with users

Fredrik Widén explains how it is to ski with our digital guidance system, as a visually impaired person.


Norrköping municipality Nordic Evolution customer

Our digital guidance system is used for cross-country skiing at Kimstad GoIF Skidcenter

In media

Cross-country skiing with digital guidance for visually impaired
Anne-Lie Telning, who is visually impaired, is interviewed by Radio P4 Jämtland while skiing with our digital guidance system.

Kimstad ski race