With our digital guide system

Breaking new ground for blind kayakers

Until now, there has been no way for people with visual impairment to compete independently in kayaking. Together with the Swedish Canoe Association, we have organized the first competition in the world where, as far as we know, a blind person can compete completely alone. Here you get to follow Maja Reichard who competes in 200 meters K1 and 200 meters K2 and Maja navigates completely alone in both distances.

Initially, Maja follows a route that starts at the bridge and leads her in a large arc to the start. During this stretch, she receives information about how she is located in relation to the track and when she should start straightening the kayak to end up in the starting area. She also receives information about how far ahead the starting line is and when she should stop to wait for the starting signal. The digital track was recorded by Nordic Evolution the day before and can now be used every time you compete in the 200 meters at the same place. We hope that more people see the opportunity to get out in nature, whether it is for fresh air, exercise or competition!

Maja Reichard, who is visually impaired, tries kayaking with digital guidance for her first time. The guide module is attached in the front of the kayak.