Past events

Where you could try our digital guides

Den långa vandringen


Here is the opportunity for an adventure! Hiking with overnights, stay in tents (all days except 1, when we stay in a hostel). A chef also accompanies and prepares food. The long hike is 9 miles, but there is an option to hike part of the distance if that is more appealing. Get in touch with us if you are interested! Nordic Evolution finances/sponsors half the registration fee. Read more at “Den långa vandringen”.

East Sweden Games

27 May, Linköping

Here you have the opportunity to take part in an athletics competition with digital guidance. You can choose to run anything from 100 metres to 3000 metres on a 400 metre outdoor arena. You don’t have to worry about falling, as there is also the option of a guide to accompany you for extra security. Accommodation and local transport can be arranged. Read more at Linköping Friidrott and contact Frida at LGIF if you have any questions, phone 0702 290 054.



Kimstad Ski Race

11 March, Kimstad

Welcome to cross-country skiing in classic style and you can choose to ski between 1 and 5 laps on a 1.5 km course. You can borrow one of our digital guides and you will also have an escort throughout the race for added safety. If you want to come the day before and test the course, we can help with accommodation at the ski stadium and transport (e.g. from Norrköping station). Read more at Kimstad GoIF.

Inspiration day


Welcome to a full day of activities at Falkenberg race track where you can try digital guidance, paracycling, wheelchair racing and prosthetic legs for running. The event takes place 10 am – 5 pm and is aimed at those over 16 years of age with a mobility or visual impairment. Participation is free of charge and we offer lunch, coffee and refreshments. The day is organized by Sweden Paratriathlon together with Nordic Evolution, Fritidsbanken, Ottobock and Swe Cycling. Sign up here before 2 June and see you there!

Camp with Parasport Sweden

19–22 January 2023, Östersund

In connection with the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships 2023 Östersund, we invited 11 skiers with visually impairment to an exciting camp weekend. The camp was a cooperation with Parasport Sweden and Parasport Jämtland-Härjedalen where Parasport Sweden covered the expenses for travel, board and lodging. The camp included testing of our digital guide at skiing, both downhill and cross-country, running on a treadmill, workshop with Parasport Sweden as well as visits to the opening ceremony and competitions of the World Championships. The main leader was Ida Östlund from the Swedish Guide Dog Association. Read more at Mid Sweden University.

Free camp for visually impaired skiers in Östersund
Visually impaired runing and navigating with digital guides on treadmill
Visually impaired with digital guides at alpine skiing

Try-out day in the Campus hall

17 December, Linköping

Try out para-athletics with digital guidance at the Campus arenan. 12.00 – 14.00. For those with visual impairment. Read more at Linköping Friidrott.

US Mitt's Christmas Camp 2022

9-11 December 2022, Arboga

With Unga Med Synnedsättning Mitt.


14 - 16 October, Eskilstuna​

The sports weekend is organized annually for young people with visual impairment or blindness aged 8-20 years. Read more at SPSM.


18 September 2022, Hagaparken in Stockholm

At Pep Dagen, children can run the Prince Daniel race and try out a alot of different activities. We were exhibiting together with Fritidsbanken and a lot of curious people came by and tested our digital guides. While blindfolded, they walked along a track with the help of the audio signals that our guidance system produces. One of our visitors were Princess Estelle Bernadotte as you can see in the first picture.

The event is arranged by Generation Pep, Kungliga Hovstaterna, Solna Stad and AIK Friidrott. Read more at Generation Pep.

Princess Estelle Bernadotte testing digital guide system for blind people
Testing gps based audio guide system for blind people

Hiking trip with Ida Östlund

12 September 2022, Kläppen

In September 2022, Swedish guide dog handler Ida Östlund organized a hiking trip in Jämtland, Sweden, with 8 visually impaired participants and their guide dogs. One day, Jonas Danvind from Nordic Evolution joined the excursion and let Ida try being guided by our digital guide system instead. Jonas laid out digital paths on different terrain where Ida walked and ran, uphill and downhill, on dirt roads and on unpaved terrain, where she used a couple of walking sticks to feel her surroundings.

Hiking trip for visually impaired people with guide dogs

Unga med synnedsättning

10 August, Gålö havsbad in Haninge

“Unga med synnedsättning” is an organisation for visually impaired people between 10 and 31 years old. We had a fun time showing our system and the youngsters walked and ran back and forth along our digital paths.

Visually impaired people trying our digital guide system

SRF - Furuboda folkhögskola

31 July 2022, Yngsjö

Together with “Synskadades Riksförbund”.

Running Camp at Almåsa Havshotell

30 July 2022, Västerhaninge

At this 2-day camp, runners with visual impairment could enjoy being trained and coached individiually by well-known running technique specialist Fredrik Zillén. With a team of guides, the event featured seminars as well as alot of running and one of the days, the participants could also test our digital guide systems.


28 June - 3 July 2022, Linköping

During the 6 days of “SM-Veckan”, 4,000 athletes competed for Swedish championship titles in more than 30 sports. The arrangement includes “Barnens SM-vecka” where children get the chance to try different sports with the aim of inspiring movement. We exhibited our digital guidance systems in “Trädgårdsföreningen” and many visually impaired children came to try them out along a virtual path in the park.

Nordic Evolution demonstrating their digital guide system for visually impared
Nordic Evolution demonstrating their digital GPS guide system for visually impared

Sommarläger på Gålö

28 June 2022, Gålö outside Stockholm

The summer camp on Gålö island takes place at Ekudden’s hostel in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s intended for visually impaired children age 7–16 years old and includes a lot of fun around the water. This year all 30 children could try out our digital guidance systems under the glazing sun. Two digital paths with different difficulties were designed and we helped the children to follow them through the steeper curves.

Blind children testing Nordic Evolution's digital guidance systems for vilually impaired
Blind child testing digital guidance with the Nordic Evolution GPS system

Triathlon SM

5 - 6 June 2022, Linköping

Linköping Triathlon is hosting the Swedish National Championships in Sprint and Mixed Relay. The event offers classes for all levels; kids, youth, junior, elite, senior, master, beginners and para. Hein Wagner and Daniel Belge participated in the paraclass/visual impairment and they also stopped by us and tried out our digital companion system. Maybe our digital guides could free up more time for independent training and we hope to see you soon again.

Blind walking alone with a digital guidance system
Visually impaired athletes swimming with digital guide system for triathlon


2 June 2022, Linköping

Blodomloppet is an exercise race that is simultaneously organized in 18 locations around Sweden. The purpose is the same, to draw attention to the importance of blood donation and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Walk, jog or run together with friends and colleagues. Loki and Teo, 7 and 9 years old, ran in the race for the first time, with Nordic Evolution’s digital companions! And it went great! The children’s race was 1600 meter and the digital guide indicated curves, distances to goal etc. A special feature for this track was that it passed several bridges and there our system signaled for extra caution, to avoid accidents.

Blind testar digital ledsagning på Lilla Blodomloppet 2022
Digital ledsagning Lilla Blodomloppet 2022

Start Your Impossible Camp

20 - 22 May 2022, Stockholm/Bosön

Start Your Impossible Camp is for those interested in trying a new para sport or to continue developing an old one. Each year, six different camps are arranged across Sweden, to get disabled people of all ages to get involved in sports regardless of ambition level. At this edition, the participants had the opportunity to try out a digital guidance system for the first time and the reception was very positive. The visually impaired could follow paths while walking and running around the soccer field, on the 100-meter track and up and down the slope to the lunch restaurant.

Demonstrating digital guides for visually impaired athletes
Trying out a digital guide system for visually impaired