With our digital guides

Swim on your own!

Have you ever dreamed of swimming alone in a lake even though you are blind? With our digital guide, you can swim on your own, but we always recommend that someone is there to supervise any uncertainty.

In the video you see triathlete Per-Einar trying out to swim a route in a lake at Olympiatoppen in Norway. The route is designed to start at the dock and then follow a circle where you pass the dock in each lap, so you can easily choose how far you want to swim. Per-Einar swam both with the guide unit mounted in his swim cap, as well as on the floating buoy that swimmers often use on lakes, in order to be visible for boats etc. “It was easier to swim with the unit mounted on the swim cap,” says Per-Einar, “because the floating buoy moves a lot and it makes it more difficult to navigate using the guide system”.

Now we hope that more people want to try swimming through digital guidance! The system also gives you the opportunity to add e.g. turning points in an outdoor pool, which opens up for self-training and competitions in a controlled way.

Triathlete Per-Einar, who is visually impaired, swims with digital guidance for his first time.