Upcoming events

Where you can try our digital guides

Kimstad Ski Race

11 March, Kimstad

Welcome to cross-country skiing in classic style and you can choose to ski between 1 and 5 laps on a 1.5 km course. You can borrow one of our digital guides and you will also have an escort throughout the race for added safety. If you want to come the day before and test the course, we can help with accommodation at the ski stadium and transport (e.g. from Norrköping station). Read more at Kimstad GoIF.

Inspiration day

22 April, Falkenberg Race Track

Welcome to a full day of activities at Falkenberg race track where you can try digital guidance, paracycling, wheelchair racing and prosthetic legs for running. The event takes place 10 am – 5 pm and is aimed at those over 16 years of age with a mobility or visual impairment. Participation is free of charge and we offer lunch, coffee and refreshments. The day is organized by Sweden Paratriathlon together with Nordic Evolution, Fritidsbanken, Ottobock and Swe Cycling. Sign up here before 15 April and see you there!

East Sweden Games

27 May, Linköping

Here you have the opportunity to take part in an athletics competition with digital guidance. You can choose to run anything from 100 metres to 3000 metres on a 400 metre outdoor arena. You don’t have to worry about falling, as there is also the option of a guide to accompany you for extra security. Accommodation and local transport can be arranged. Read more at Linköping Friidrott and contact Frida at LGIF if you have any questions, phone 0702 290 054.

The long walk

30 July - 6 August, Sälen - Mora

Here is the opportunity for an adventure! Hiking on the Vasa bicycle trail, with overnight stays in tents (all days except 1, when we stay in a hostel). A cook will also accompany you and prepare food. The long walk is 90 km, but there is the option to hike part of the distance if that is more appealing. Let us know if you are interested! Nordic Evolution will cover half of your registration fee. Read more at “Den långa vandringen”.